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Specializing in both civilian and military funeral services

A loved ones passing is a difficult time but, at least you can give your final remembrances with a touch of style that is above all of the rest. Our beautiful yet distinctive horse-drawn open hearse caisson is accompanied by a formally attired coachman and footman. Most families prefer to utilize our services from just inside the cemetery entrance to the chapel, mausoleum or grave site. This slow paced, provides an opportunity for calm and meaningful reflection just prior to the farewell service. Family members and friends may choose to walk behind the hearse; or other carriages can be provided for them.

Ask your funeral director to contact us and we'll take care of the rest.
Whitehaven Carriages
Whitehaven CarriagesWhitehaven Carriages
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Horse Prayer

To thee, my master, I offer my prayer. Always be kind to me. Talk to me, your voice means as much to me as the bit. Curry and brush me, that I may serve you more gladly and learn to love you. Never strike, beat or kick me when I do not know what you want, but give me a chance to understand you. Do not jerk the lines or whip me when the team is pulling uphill. Watch me. If I fail to do your bidding, see if something is wrong with my harness or my feet. Feed, water and care for me, and when the day's work is done, do not leave me tied for long hours to the hitching rail. Provide me with shelter, clean dry bedding and a stall wide enough for an enjoyable roll to ease my itchy back. Give me cool, clean water often. I cannot tell you in words when I am sick, so watch me. By my signs you will know my condition. Give me all possible shelter from the hot sun and blanket me, not when I am working, but when I am standing in the cold. I pull you and your carriage without a murmur and wait patiently for you long hours of the day and night. Please do not overload me or tie me with my head in an unnatural position. When I am harnessed, check me so I have free use of my head. I pray you be careful my blinders stand well out of my eyes, as with them I am unable to see behind me. And finally Oh Master, when my youthful strength is gone, do not turn me out or sell me to some cruel owner, to be slowly tortured and starved to death. But do thou, my Master, take my life in the kindest way and your God will reward you now and in the Hereafter.
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